Stainless & Specialty Steel

ATI produces a wide variety of stainless and specialty steels known for their excellent corrosion and heat resistance. These steel alloys are are used in a broad range of applications including, aerospace and defense, chemical processing industry, oil and gas, electrical energy, medical, automotive, food equipment and appliance, construction, mining, transportation and electronics.

ProductUNS Number
ATI 9? Nonmagnetic Steel...
ATI 20-25+Nb?S35140
ATI 50? / ATI XM-19?S20910
ATI 60?S21800
ATI 201 HP?S20100
ATI 201L HP?S20103
ATI 201LN?S20153
ATI 219?S21904
ATI 301?S30100
ATI 302?S30200
ATI 303?S30300
ATI 304 DA?(Carbon Steel Clad with S30400)
ATI 304L?S30403
ATI 304?S30400
ATI 305?S30500
ATI 309S?S30908
ATI 309?S30900
ATI 310S?S31008
ATI 310?S31000
ATI 316LN?S31653
ATI 316L?S31603
ATI 316Ti?S31635
ATI 316?S31600
ATI 317LMN?S31726
ATI 317L?S31703
ATI 317?S31700
ATI 321?S32100
ATI 332Mo?S35125
ATI 332?N08800
ATI 334Mo?S33425
ATI 347?S34700
ATI 348?S34800
ATI 610?S30600
ATI 611?S30600
ATI 800AT?N08811
ATI 800H?N08810
ATI 800?N08800
ATI 840?...
ATI XM-19? / ATI 50?S20910
Minimiser? 304S30400
Minimiser? 304LS30403
Minimiser? 316S31600
Minimiser? 316LS31603
ProductUNS Number
ATI 255?S32550
ATI 2003?S32003
ATI 2102?S82011
ATI 2205?S31803/S32205
ATI 2304?S32304
Zeron? 100*S32760
ProductUNS Number
ATI 18CrCb?S44100
ATI 409 Cb?S41045
ATI 409HP?S40900/S40910/S40920/S40930
ATI 410S?S41008
ATI 412?S41003
ATI 430 Ti?S43036
ATI 430?S43000
ATI 433?S44500
ATI 436S?...
ATI 439 HP?S43035
ATI 441 HP?S44100
ATI 444?S44400
OHMALOY? 30K91470
OHMALOY? 40K91670
ProductUNS Number
ATI 403?S40300
ATI 410?S41000
ATI 418 SPL?S41800
ATI 420?S42000
ATI 440A?S44002
ATI 440C?S44004
ATI 455?S45500
ProductUNS Number
AM 350? / AM 350?-MILS35000
ATI 13-8 Supertough?S13800
ATI 13-8?S13800
ATI 15-5?S15500
ATI 15-7?S15700
ATI 17-4?S17400
ATI 17-7?S17700
ATI S240?S11900
ProductUNS Number
AL-6XN PLUS?N08367
ATI 20?N08020
ATI 904L?N08904
ProductUNS Number
AL 29-4C?S44735

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